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Hook On Fly Mesh Curtain Strips Linear Metre

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New and replacement hook on fly mesh curtain strips. (Also known as hook on insect curtain strips.) Made from high quality black Suntex mesh. Cut to your required length and fitted with a stainless steel hook on plate set ready to hang. (Price INCLUDES hanging plate. No extra purchase required.) Ideal to make or repair any hook on curtain. Mesh has antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain & odour-causing bacteria, mould & mildew. Padded weights in the base of each stripensure they always hang correctly. ALL SIZES NOMINAL

Hook on fly mesh curtain strips (a.k.a hook on insect curtain strips) are an effective and hygienic way to exclude flying insects from areas that need to be kept bug free. The 1mm square holes keep out the smallest of air-borne insects but still allow ample fresh air to pass through for ventilation. They allow quick and easy passage between internal spaces and / or between indoors and out.

NOTE: Strips are stitched around their edges so cannot be trimmed shorter after being made (like PVC strips can). Please input the final OVERALL length you need your strips made to including the metal plate set. If you’re not sure, please contact us before purchasing.

We can supply new and replacement curtain strips using black insect mesh for all hook-on rails. These are priced by the linear metre, cut to your required length and pre- fitted with hook on plate set ready to hang.

Available in: 200mm wide only (Light Duty): Recommended max height: 3m

NOTE: All dimensions nominal. Subject to original manufacturer’s standard tolerances.

Other key facts: Highly flexible. Bacteria and fungal resistant. Provides effective sun screening. Competitively priced. Contains anti-UV filters to help protect against the damaging effects of sunlight.

Hanging tip: Strips are supplied folded and boxed. When first hung, slight creases may be evident in the mesh. These should naturally fall out given time.

Key Details:

PVC Type: Insect mesh

Material: Vinyl coated polyester

Hole Size: 1mm

Recommended Temperature Range: 0°C to +40°C

Plate Set Type: 430-grade stainless steel

Pitch Centre of Hanging Slots: 41mm

Anti-Bacterial Resistance: ASTM E 2180 and ASTM G21: includes Microban antimicrobial additives

Recommended Environment: General Pedestrian, Food & Catering, Commercial, Pest Control

Longevity: Mesh strip is considered a consumable product. How fast it’s consumed is beyond any manufacturer’s or supplier’s control. Its lifespan will be dictated by where it’s used, what type of traffic might move through it and how carefully (or aggressively) such traffic does so. To help maximise its working life, we always recommend that curtains are fitted internally where they have a degree of shelter. If fitted outside, fully exposed to the elements day and night, they can deteriorate more quickly. The rate of this will depend entirely on the severity of the local weather. We have some customers who replace their strips annually, others who’ve had the same for many years.

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